Google Picasa 3 – Face Movie

Person face movie from album

Usually you can easily create a face movie for a specific person where you first select the person album and then click to facemovie button. But with that usage it’s difficult to select your favorite pictures for the movie. For that you can select your favorite pictures from the person album and click to facemovie button. But that can be annoying for a lot of pictures, because you can accidentally unselect all selected pictures by incorrect clicking.

Here you will learn the best steps to create a person face movie with your favorite pictures.

Step 1: Mark your favorite pictures

  1. Go to the person album
  2. Mark your favorite pictures using the Star-button or the keyboard whitespace-key

Step 2: Select all marked pictures

  1. Still at the person album (NOT the marked album)
  2. Click to the Filter “Marked pictures”, so you will see only them in your person album
  3. Select them all using Ctrl+A

Step 3: Create face movie for that person

  1. While all favorite pictures are selected click to the “face movie”-button
  2. In the new opened “Movie Maker” tab:
    1. move the slider “Photos count” to right
    2. “Remove photos in 24 hours…” slider to left (don’t filter option)
    3. Disable checkbox “Remove faces with low resolution”
  3. Now you have all your favorite person photos in the face movie

Step 4 (optional): Save marked pictures to an album

  1. Go to the marked photos album
  2. Click on it with the right mouse button and choose “Select all pictures” or Ctrl+A
  3. Click on one of the selected pictures with right mouse button and choose “Add to an album” -> “New album…”