netcup + froxlor + mail server (dovecot/postfix) + tls/ssl (Let’s Encrypt) 1

You can use only one specific domain and ssl certificate in dovecot and postfix. So you have to create this specific domain and activate Let’s Encrypt for that, so that you can use those certificates for SSL/TLS. All the users with different domains and email-domains have to use this one specific domain to connect to the mail server.

  1. So create a new domain that you will use for the mail server and activate Lets encrypt for this domain.
  2. So you will find the LE certificates in the folder “/etc/ssl/froxlor-custom”.
  3. Edit the postfix file and set the following parameters:
  4. Edit dovecot config file and set following parameters:
  5. Restart dovecot und postfix
  6. Test certificate

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