Year: 2020

  • Tasmota + Magic Home LED Controller

  • Performance Tests

    Install Apache2 Utils (more infos) Run tests using apache benchmark tool ab

  • ioBroker + HABPanel

    Roborock Valetudo Map Image Use the “template”-widget and add following code to that:

  • ioBroker + MotionEye

    Ref.: Preconditions MotionEye uses port 8081. It is the same port that is used by ioBroker. So before installing MotionEye, change the ioBroker port to e.g. 7777.Use admin-Adapter to change the port for ioBroker. Install Open MotionEye Use your host-ip and port 8765 e.g. to open MotionEye in browser. To login use adminas…

  • Setup Ubuntu

    Bash completion (incl. Kubectl) Add to your ~/.bashrc: Java version management Use update-alternativesto switch between different java versions. Add an alias to your ~/.bashrc: Calling this alias java-select you can select one of the installed java versions. Node version management Use nvmto switch between different node versions. Clone nvm repo to your home directory ~/:…

  • Tasmota + Tuya convert

    Links Tuya Convert GitHub Tasmoa Templates Device Naming <type>-<vendor>-<model>-tasmota-<number> e.g. plug-gosund-sp1-tasmota-01 MQTT Configuration Some interessting settings Plugs Update interval: TelePeriod 300

  • Proxy server (squid) on ubuntu

    Complete How-To You can find a complete how-to here: Squid in short Install Configure Add new allow rule to the config right before the first deny rule (http_access deny !Safe_ports ): Force hiding clients real ip: Check configuration: Start/stop/restart Squid Enable on boot time: Start/stop/restart: Reload config: Status/log: Open firewall (ufw) for specific IP…

  • Dual boot Windows + Linux

    Bluetooth issues: In General: Start Linux and pair your BT device Start Windows and pair your BT device Shutdown windows completely, not hibernate mode Start Linux and get the pairing key from windows Mount windows system patrition writable

  • Generate selfsigned certificate and keystore JKS

    Generate SSL keys Execute each command individually: openssl genrsa -out key.pem openssl req -new -key key.pem -out csr.pem IMPORTANT: To use that in localhost development you have to set Common Name to localhost: CN=localhost openssl x509 -req -days 9999 -in csr.pem -signkey key.pem -out cert.pem rm csr.pem Generate keystore from SSL keys Execute each command…