MacOS useful tools

Brew MacOS Paketmanager

# install brew
/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"


brew install --cask rectangle


Oh My Zsh

JAVA Versionsmanagement

brew install jenv

# ensure that JAVA_HOME is set
jenv enable-plugin export

# make Maven/Gradle aware of the Java version in use (and switch when your project does)
jenv enable-plugin maven
jenv enable-plugin gradle

# install java
brew install openjdk

# set manually JAVA_HOME to a working java installation in your shell-config, so that it will work in Founder

NVM Node Versionsmanagement

brew install nvm

# special config for Intellij

Maccy (no MacOS 13 Ventura support)

brew install --cask maccy

Double Commander

Keka Archiver

Mounty for NTFS

brew install --cask mounty

Android File Transfer

OpenMPT (Advanced Android File Transfer App for macOS)

alternative to Android File Transfer

Soduto + KDE Connect


brew install nginx

# config
vim /usr/local/etc/nginx/nginx.conf

# control
brew services start nginx
brew services stop nginx
brew services restart nginx

Simple Scan (Network Scanner incl. sane backend)

Install Simple Scan:

brew install simple-scan 

Add your scanner IP to the Sane configuration:

sudo vim /opt/homebrew/etc/sane.d/xerox_mfp.conf

#Dell MFP Laser Printer
tcp 9400

Start Simple Scan, your scanner should be found now.

Darktable (Adobe Lightroom alternative)

brew install --cask darktable

Upscalo (image upscaling)