Linux tipps

Cron jobs Creating a script file in the daily run folder for Ubuntu.

Now add commands to the created script file and you’re done.

You can verify that the script will run using this command.

Firewall UFW

OpenVPN on Debian over UFW

Complete OpenVPN How-To here: Click here for a very nice tutorial about OpenVPN on Debian UFW open ports Get running applications with their used ports

UFW command to open ports

SSH Server !!! SSH port HAS TO be opened befor you activate UFW, in other case you will […]

Custom Icon font in Ionic 2 7

Create/Get icons in SVG format (e.g. FlatIcon) Create and download icons-font using IcoMoon App Extract only the font folder from the downloaded  archive to assets  folder. Create a new file in theme  folder called _icomoon.scss  with following content (thanks to Stackoverflow user):

Import that file in variables.scss :

Now […]

GitBucket as a service on Debian 1

If you want to host your own Git Server you have multiple possibilities. Here I want to describe how to run GitBucket, an Open Source GitHub like platform. The focus of this article is to show you how to setup GitBucket as a service (incl. autostart) on a Debian OS. […]

Cordova and Ionic 2 Development

Debug Ionic Android Application on Mobile Devices Run Ionic 2 on the Android device including LiveReload and Console output:

Inspect elements and network monitoring:

source: Codeproject – Debug-Ionic-Android-Application-On-Mobile-Devices   Debug Ionic iOS Application on Mobile Devices


netcup + froxlor

Froxlor Trigger cronjob

FTP user Is created automatically with the Froxlor user (same password). WordPress update: check for correct ownership of the files copied to the directory. If you used “root”-FTP user to copy the files, you have to change the files/directories owner from root to the user: […]

Digitalize VHS tapes

Overview Here are some main Steps that has to be done to digitalize VHS tapes Preconditions: VHS player Video grabber (analog TV card or USB video grabber (e.g. Magix Videograbber)) A lot of storage place (4h needs over 100GB) Steps: Capture from VHS player using a video grabber Cut the raw […]

Antispy in Windows 8/7 Uninstall following updates: kb3022345 kb3068708 kb3075249 kb3080149 kb3035583

Migrate SQLite database data dump to MySQL

Grab the (sqlite) sql dump first:

Now edit the dump to match the MySQL syntax: replace all double-quotes (“) with grave accents (`) replace “autoincrement” with “auto_increment“ remove “BEGIN TRANSACTION;” from the beginnig of the dump remove “COMMIT;” from the end of the dump remove all lines containing “sqlite_sequence“ […]