Migrate SQLite database data dump to MySQL

Grab the (sqlite) sql dump first:

Now edit the dump to match the MySQL syntax: replace all double-quotes (“) with grave accents (`) replace “autoincrement” with “auto_increment“ remove “BEGIN TRANSACTION;” from the beginnig of the dump remove “COMMIT;” from the end of the dump remove all lines containing “sqlite_sequence“ […]

WLAN HotSpot Windows

To create a HotSpot in Windows you can use Windows internal tools. Create:

After creating a hosted network you will get a new network device. Here you have to allow using the network connection for this new network device. To do so go to the properties of the current […]

MP4 cutting without re-enconding

My wish was to cut MP4 files without re-enconding them. So that should be fast and lossless. For this part I found a nice software that does it for me: Smart Cutter But one problem of this software is the usability. So i downloaded a trial version of Adobe Premiere Pro […]

Useful Software

Wake on LAN console tool: http://masterbootrecord.de/docs/wakeup.php

Android modify APK files (decompile classes.dex)

Decompress APK file Use 7zip to decompress the APK file (this is a ZIP compressed container) Decompile classes.dex Method 1: dex -> jar -> java classes The file “classes.dex” can be converted to a JAR file with the following tool: dex2jar

Decompress the JAR file using 7zip again. Now you […]

XBMC + MediaPortal TVServer + Android

Install Mediaportal TVServer Plugin (see also HowTo): TVServerXBMC download XBMC on Android (see HowTo): ARM version download   Devices Minix Neo X8-H (Amazon.de) Tronsmart Vega S89-H Orbsmart® S82 Remote: Mele F10 PRO  

Guest System in VirtualBox + Host System with working WOL + Transparent NAT

My need was to run a virtual Linux System inside VirtualBox. The bridged drivers of the VirtualBox has broken the WakeOnLan functionality of my server, so had to uninstall this driver and use NAT connection (source). The problem with the NAT connection was, that all packages were given from the Host […]