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  • Digitalize VHS tapes

    Overview Here are some main Steps that has to be done to digitalize VHS tapes Preconditions: VHS player Video grabber (analog TV card or USB video grabber (e.g.¬†Magix Videograbber)) A lot of storage place (4h needs over 100GB) Steps: Capture from VHS player using a video grabber Cut the raw video files (without reencoding) Filter/Cleanup…

  • MP4 cutting without re-enconding

    My wish was to cut MP4 files without re-enconding them. So that should be fast and lossless. For this part I found a nice software that does it for me:¬†Smart Cutter But one problem of this software is the usability. So i downloaded a trial version of Adobe Premiere Pro CC and tried following. I…

  • Sync Video + Audio from different sources

    Used Software ffmpeg: demux/merge MAGIX Video deluxe 2014 Premium: automatic sync video and audio SOX (optional): clean audio