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  • Android on Windows with VirtualBox

    Download Android ISO 4.4 How to install Android 4.4   Genymotion

  • Guest System in VirtualBox + Host System with working WOL + Transparent NAT

    My need was to run a virtual Linux¬†System inside VirtualBox. The bridged drivers of the VirtualBox has broken the WakeOnLan functionality of my server, so had to uninstall this driver and use NAT connection (source). The problem with the NAT connection was, that all packages were given from the Host OS with their IP address…

  • VirtualBox + Linux + SharedFolder

    SharedFolder Install VB utils (Ubuntu): sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-utils Manually mount shared folder: mount.vboxsf -w -o umask=0007,uid=1000,gid=1000 shared_name /<target> umask: set persmissions (0007 -> full perm to owner and group, no perm to other) uid/gid: user and group id shared_name: the name given in VB dialog for the shared folder /<target>: the folder inside Linux…