Generate selfsigned certificate and keystore JKS

Generate SSL keys Execute each command individually:

IMPORTANT: To use that in localhost development you have to set Common Name to localhost: CN=localhost

Generate keystore from SSL keys Execute each command individually

Check keystore

Use keystore with Java application

IntelliJ + Cmder

File | Settings | Tools | External Tools Add new External Tool Name: Cmder Here Program: C:\\Cmder.exe Arguments: /SINGLE $FileDir$ Working dir: C:\ Close Settings and Open again File | Settings | Keymap: External Tools -> External Tools -> Cmder Here Right mouse click -> Add Keyboard Shortcut -> “Alt […]

GitLab CI + CD

Find Docker image for the build Dependencies: node/npm java8 gradle sshpass For build you can use for example the following image: For deployment you need sshpass, so you can take the following image: Runner see GitLab Runner Doc CI script see CI yaml docu Secret variables to use in CI script: […]


Read a template file and replace placeholder script-template.txt


Cordova and Ionic 2 Development

Debug Ionic Android Application on Mobile Devices Run Ionic 2 on the Android device including LiveReload and Console output:

Inspect elements and network monitoring:

source: Codeproject – Debug-Ionic-Android-Application-On-Mobile-Devices   Debug Ionic iOS Application on Mobile Devices