Cordova and Ionic 2 Development

Debug Ionic Android Application on Mobile Devices Run Ionic 2 on the Android device including LiveReload and Console output:

Inspect elements and network monitoring:

source: Codeproject – Debug-Ionic-Android-Application-On-Mobile-Devices   Debug Ionic iOS Application on Mobile Devices


Migrate SQLite database data dump to MySQL

Grab the (sqlite) sql dump first:

Now edit the dump to match the MySQL syntax: replace all double-quotes (“) with grave accents (`) replace “autoincrement” with “auto_increment“ remove “BEGIN TRANSACTION;” from the beginnig of the dump remove “COMMIT;” from the end of the dump remove all lines containing “sqlite_sequence“ […]

Apache + Linux Mint

Install Ubuntu Apache:

Ubuntu PHP:

Ubuntu phpMyAdmin:

Change user and group recursive:

  Configuration  Web path Default path: /var/www Apache Vhosts (see add symlink to /etc/apache2/sites-enabled of each configuration from /etc/apache2/sites-available that you want to activate.

Enable mod_rewrite in php:

Allow access to […]

HP ProLiant MicroServer

HP ProLiant MicroServer G7 N54L 1P 4 GB-U, Netzteil mit 150 W, Server Guter Thread: