netcup + froxlor

Froxlor Trigger cronjob

FTP user Is created automatically with the Froxlor user (same password). WordPress update: check for correct ownership of the files copied to the directory. If you used “root”-FTP user to copy the files, you have to change the files/directories owner from root to the user: […]

VirtualBox + Linux + SharedFolder

SharedFolder Install VB utils (Ubuntu):

Manually mount shared folder:

umask: set persmissions (0007 -> full perm to owner and group, no perm to other) uid/gid: user and group id shared_name: the name given in VB dialog for the shared folder /<target>: the folder inside Linux

  Additional […]

Windows or Java Application as Windows Service

Windows applications see: Java applications (JAR) We use YAJSW to create a service wrapper for the JAR application. Precondition: Download YAJSW Java 1.5 or higher (to check call java -version) NOTE: to display system tray java 1.6 is required. For thread dump with locks java 1.6 is required. How-to use […]